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Meet the 18 Years Old Filipino CEO who founded a Software Company


It is true to say that if youth arise and act with determination and consistency, they have the strength and dynamism to bring the transformation of society. The strength, dynamism, and creativity of youth are beyond imagination.

They can reach summits and skies of success once they recognize their true potential and decide to go against all odds to achieve success. The world has witnessed that youth has been brilliant for society, the economy, and countries all across the globe. They have made their mark in different fields but today our focus is only on a new class of young CEOs.

Rest aside the whole world, here in the Philippines, youthful entrepreneurs are emerging with every rising sun. Let us focus on a single example of young CEO and entrepreneur who founded a software company named Unirises in the Philippines. Christian Roño Canlubo worked hard day and night to achieve success and become an example for the rest of the younger generation of the Philippines and the rest of the world. 

How such a young CEO founded Unirises and made it a successful software company? 

When a unique thinker sets off on a journey, He knows how to reach the destination. That is what a young CEO of Unirises did. Christian Canlubo started his entrepreneurship journey with a few fellows and did hundreds of projects at almost negligible prices. The team initially focused on website development and mobile application development. The end products always used to mesmerize their clients and the client-base began to expand very quickly. Now, it was time to expand and the young CEO of Unirises had the courage, confidence, and determination to pull this off. Christian Canlubo founded his company Unirises on February 19, 2019, and the result was obvious. The newly established software company began to make its mark and gain huge success in the Philippines’ software development industry. 

What does Unirises do?

Unirises expanded fast under the remarkable leadership of its young CEO and a few other executives. Now it specializes in the following key areas;

  • Website Designing and Development
  • Application Designing and Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How Unirises achieved so much fame and success even in a tough competitive environment in the Philippines? 

Unirises achieved fame and success beyond imagination because of the vision, understanding, sparking ideas, and determination of its young CEO. He isn’t only a phenomenal software and website developer but a leader with all the necessary skills of leadership. Unirises strictly followed the following rules that they always share with others to inspire and urge them to follow in their footsteps. 

  • Keep it as simple as possible
  • Don’t dream as dreams often lie. Set realistic and achievable goals and leave no stone unturned to realize them.
  • Always focus on the client’s needs but also suggest unique ideas.
  • Pay attention to details and let nothing go unnoticed. 
  • Keep hold of your client-base and make them market your software company.
  • Encourage teamwork, new ideas, and creativity in the company. 
  • Manage your company like a grey-haired CEO even if you are a young CEO.
  • Advertising and marketing can be key when used effectively. 


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