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What are the behaviors of a confident person?


Time needed: 8 minutes.

Confidence is a fruit of knowledge and attitude. It is a cornerstone of every great success and its cheap version, cockiness, happens when confidence is stripped of either of its parts. Cockiness stinks, doesn’t it?

True confidence on the other hand attracts. But why?

Because the keys to our greatest realizations are often held by confidence. We are all born with it, but sometimes setbacks snatch it away. And so we seek until we encounter someone who reminds us of what we can be. That someone or those someones are confident people. You are either one or on your way to becoming one.

  1. They Display Composure

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    Composure opts for reason instead of emotions.
    Composure is emotional control, and emotion control is why confident people are usually the last to panic or the only ones not to.

  2. They Are Not Easily Offended

    Frightened young ethnic female standing on street with crossed arms and looking at African American abusing male groupmateSimply because they know their worth.
    Just like calling a cat, a car will never make it one, confident people know that they only are who they choose to be. Insults and remarks that do not agree with their self-image they ignore, because to them, being defensive is a drain on mental resources. “Why to spoil a beautiful smile?” -says every confident person.

  3. They Speak With Authority

    Soldiers Standing on White FloorAuthority comes with knowledge and experience. And like I mentioned earlier, knowledge is one of the foundations of confidence.

  4. They Celebrate Others

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    Because they know their place in life, they are not frightened by the light in others. Rather, they nurture it, lift others up and encourage them to stay there.

    From a confident person’s vantage point, a confident speech comes after a confident sound engineer did his job, to which he was driven by a confident bus driver, who was encouraged by a confident husband. Everyone wins when we all do well.

  5. They Are Decisive

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    One of the biggest fuels of procrastination and therefore failure, is indecision. For example, when questions like “When should I start?” and “When should I approach?” linger for long, they often translate to never.

  6. They Focus On Their Strengths

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    A sure way to beat confidence out of you is to focus on everything that makes you small, rather than everything that elevates you. Unfortunately, that is something our minds tend to naturally do. One of the ways confident people overcome this is by having a list of their strengths, which they happily remind themselves every time they start to feel down.

  7. They Take Initiatives

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    …but you might be thinking this the other way round, so let’s make it clear. Initiatives do not always come from confidence, but the act of taking initiatives builds confidence. By taking initiatives you discover what your limits are and how you can push them, which ultimately puts you in control of the most powerful tool in existence: Yourself. Is it a coincidence that confident leaders are very self aware? No.

    If you wish to build your confidence, start things. Most importantly, start small.

  8. They Maintain An Open Body Posture

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    A closed posture says “I’m not sure of your intentions, please do not come”, while and open posture says “I believe you cannot harm me, so come, I welcome you.” That is why people tend to give up their defenses in the presence of confident people. They make others feel at ease.

  9. They Are Loving & Humble

    Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Black Pan With Food
    Love requires accepting people for who they are since values are always relative anyway.

    Confident people have grown to love and accept themselves so much, that the practice of it has made them perfect. Hence they tend to open arms, welcome others and smile with and without reason. With them, it is always your day, rarely ever their day. They stay humble.

  10. They Never Stop Learning

    Side view full length young focused female in casual clothes browsing modern laptop and writing down notes while sitting on floor in cozy modern apartment
    Let me say it one more time. Knowledge fuels confidence and ignorance fuels doubt. To nurture the confidence which they have worked so hard at building, they keep learning. But learning has other advantages for confident people: It helps them understand others better, understand themselves better and understand life better. Coincidentally, the more they learn, the less they judge others.

    In Closing,

    Let me say this. Confidence is not a have or not-have. It is not switched on, it grows. Starting the journey is all it takes to have a step into it. From there, the only limit is yourself. Now go ahead and make the step, you’ll find me somewhere along the way.
    Happy reading

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